“Fiore della profezia e della fedeltà. Dai fiori si sviluppano in seguito le bianche sfere dei semi pennati che volano via al soffio del vento. Se si esprime un desiderio e con un soffio si fanno volare tutti i semi il desiderio si avvererà…” | “Flower of prophecy and faithfulness. From flowers develop after the white spherical seeds flying away into the wind. If you make a wish blowing all the seeds the wish will come true … “


I like photography and visual communication. I like also the hard challenge, in fact I am a webdesigner although I am also colour-blind. I believe in the dialogue between cultural and technical sectors, maybe this is the reason why I work with all engineers even though I graduated in Philosophy. When I travel to a new city I visit at least one museum trying to discover something new about emotion, enjoyment and learning. About perception and creative act I agree with a famous artist (M. D.) when he wrote – It is the spectator who makes the picture -”  (Paolo)

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